Hello, my name is Mahleen.

I am a registered counselling psychologist practicing in Stellenbosch. 

Why Consider Therapy

Considering therapy can be a pivotal step towards achieving mental well-being and personal growth. Many individuals seek therapy to gain insights into their thoughts and behaviors, develop healthier coping strategies, and address specific challenges such as anxiety, depression, or stress. Engaging with a trained psychologist offers a safe, confidential space to explore emotions and experiences, fostering resilience and emotional intelligence. Therapy can empower individuals to understand themselves better, build stronger relationships, and ultimately lead more fulfilling lives. Taking this step demonstrates courage and a proactive approach to one’s mental health.

About Me


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My Background

I registered as a counselling psychologist in 1995 and have been affiliated with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). 
I gained experience in psychotherapy, as well as doing cognitive and personality assessments ranging from pre-school to adulthood. My approach is integrative in nature and focuses on whole-person development.
My academic qualifications include a BSc degree, majoring in operations research and psychology. I completed an honors degree in psychology at the University of Pretoria in 1990 and thereafter majored in counseling psychology at the Rand Afrikaans University.


I offer a range of psychological services to meet your specific needs.

Individual Psychotherapy

A process through which clients work one-on-one in a safe, caring, and confidential environment.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy that can help you and your partner improve your relationship.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a form of talk therapy that focuses on the improvement of relationships among family members.

Subject Choice Assessment

Aimed at assisting learners entering Grade 9 with their choice of subjects in which to continue their FET phase (Grade 10 to 12).

School Readiness Assessment

A school readiness assessment explores whether a child is ready to benefit from formal education.

Career Choice Assessment

Helps individuals find a suitable career choice by identifying and evaluating their personal aspects.

What They Say

"With compassionate guidance, Mahleen helped me overcome anxiety and regain control of my life."



    "Thanks to Mahleen's tools and support, I managed my depression and rebuilt my self-esteem."



      "Mahleen has helped me to greatly improve some relational difficulties and improve my mental health"



        "Mahleen's support and guidance has helped me navigate through a very difficult time in my life"